Need A New Boat Propeller? Save Money And Buy Your Own

If you are looking for a new propeller to enhance the way that your boat accelerates and rides, there are some things that you want to take into consideration before you make a purchase. The type of boat you have will depend on the size of the propeller that you need, but there are some characteristics in a prop that you want to look for. When you start to get estimates and costs, look for models with these features:


Aluminum is a very durable material that can take the pressure inside the water and can withstand minor damage from debris and other items that it comes in contact with while on the back of a boat. This option is also more lightweight than other options. A boat propeller that is made of aluminum is also much more expensive than a propeller made of other types of materials, and it's easy to clean and maintain in the off-season.


If you don't buy a product with a warranty, you have no insurance that you can return it if you have complications, a defect, or if it just doesn't work properly with your boat. Sometimes aftermarket part providers or other makers that don't make high-quality products, and they won't put a warranty on their rotors. Talk with the customer service professionals about the product if there isn't a warranty, to see if it just isn't advertised.


The propeller on a boat can easily last a decade or longer if it's taken care of properly, so you want to remember that you are making an investment, not just purchasing a part that you will be replacing regularly. Make sure that you take the time to compare the prices, as it's possible that purchasing the item directly from a catalog. You might find that purchasing online may be the most affordable option.

If you are currently having problems with your propeller and you know that you need to put on a new one, then you want to make sure that you buy a high-quality item that will help you ride your boat safely and as you want, and that it's going to last. Talk with the mechanics that do work on your boat, or companies like The  Prop Shop to make sure you know what the exact size is that you  need, and then save some money by purchasing the item on your own, instead of buying through the boat shop.

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