Buying Tips For First-Time Boat Buyers

If you have been saving up to buy a boat for your family to enjoy but have never purchased a boat before, then these tips will help you buy the best one to match your needs.

Tip: Know Your Budget and Bring a Friend Shopping if You Will Have Trouble Sticking to It

You have likely been waiting a long time to purchase your first boat, so it is important you set a hard and fast budget for it before leaving home. It's way too easy to get caught up in the moment at the dealership and overspend if you don't take this important first step. Just like when you go car shopping, you might fall in love with the beautiful Jaguar but perhaps the Ford is more appropriate for your family's budget.

If you are someone who is easily convinced to overspend by professional salespeople, then bring along a trusted friend or relative who won't hesitate to bring you back to earth when you spot the top-of-the-line boating beauty on the lot. 

Tip: Decide What Items are Important to You and Are Simply Nice to Have

Whether you are buying a speedboat for towing water skiers or a bass boat for fishing trips, take some time before shipping to write down the specific items you want and those you would like to have if they are affordable.

For example, a speedboat's engine size and the towing system will be important aspects to prioritize. But, for a fishing boat, a motor that allows you access to shallow water areas and fish-finding systems are more likely your priority over speed.

Tip: Always Ask if the Price is the Boat Dealership's Best and Final Price

When it comes time to negotiate the price of your family's new boat, wait until you think you have arrived at the best deal the dealership is going to offer you and then look the salesperson in the eyes and calmly ask: "Is this your best and final price?"

Salespeople often cringe at this question, because it puts them in a position where they don't know whether you are looking to get an even better deal or if you are considering walking away altogether.

If they don't play their answer right, then they may lose your sale. This puts you in the dominant position and can often shave off some additional cash from the deal or land you some nice addon items or perks. For more information on new boats for sale, contact your local dealer. 

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If you have been saving up to buy a boat for your family to enjoy but have never purchased a boat before, then these tips will help you buy the best o